Clinical Training and Supervision

At Eunoia, we offer a range of clinical training and supervision for healthcare and mental health professionals including:

  • Individual Clinical Supervision:

Clinical Supervision allows an exchange between practicing professionals which enhances and informs personal and professional development and generates solutions to problems in practice. Clinicians can utilise the knowledge and experience of their supervisor, to address any gaps in knowledge or skill set and thereby improve their own clinical performance and patient quality of care.

  •  Internships/Clinical Placements:

Our internship program aims to assist competent interns in developing their skills and knowledge using best practices in the prevention and treatment of mental illness through a variety of fields including and not limited to:

  • Mental health prevention and treatment
  • Skills Training Program administration and management
  • Conducting Initial Intakes
  • Research and data analysis (when applicable)
  • Communication and social media marketing


Interns gain clinical exposure through training sessions, clinical observation, and case discussion as well as learn skills by assisting in the administration of presentations and workshops. This opportunity will provide valuable hands-on experience in psychology applied in clinical settings for students and graduates with an interest to pursue a career in psychology.

Professional Development & Training

Professional Development & Training can be provided both on-site and in-house and can be tailored to your needs. We offer a wide range of opportunities including: 

Therapy Tips: We have developed our own monthly professional development program that encourages informal discussions on a wide range of topics. Sessions may focus on skills training, self-reflection and process issues, journal articles, and much more!

Association for psychological therapies (APT) accredited courses: Eunoia Clinic has an accredited APT tutor who is  licensed to run APT courses.  The APT offers World class training for mental health professionals, trusted in the UK by the National Health Service and all the major independent healthcare providers, and internationally in Australia, Canada, and the United States and more.  For further information, check the APT website: 

Tailored training in general therapeutic modalities such as: MI, ACT, CBT, and DBT.

Consultations and training to healthcare multidisciplinary teams in areas including oncology, pediatric obesity, weight management, medication compliance, pain management, and managing chronic illness.

Our Supervisors & Trainers

Dr Alya Sultan

Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Dr Angie Cucchi

Chartered Counseling Psychologist