Adult Services

At Eunoia, we aim to provide individually tailored, evidence-based psychological assessment and treatment for mental health difficulties in a safe and supportive atmosphere. Our approach seeks to alleviate the problems you are experiencing with the hope of creating a greater sense of wellbeing.

Child, Adolescent & Family Services

Children and adolescents go through various developmental stages characterized by a wide variety of behaviors. Since their behavior is constantly changing and evolving, it is often difficult to know when psychological intervention is indicated. If behaviors become severe or impact your child’s functioning at home or in school, an evaluation can help determine what type of intervention may be helpful.

Skills Training Workshops

Skills training programs help participants take control of their mental health by teaching them effective strategies, techniques and coping mechanisms to manage their stress and general mental wellbeing.



Assessment & Reports

Eunoia clinic provides comprehensive psychological testing for both children and adults. Testing involves an initial one-hour consultation, during which time a clinical interview is conducted to better determine which assessments are most appropriate to address issues of concern.

Corporate Wellness

Mental health awareness programs help employees identify the early signs and symptoms of common mental health conditions within themselves and others.



Clinical Training and Supervision

Clinical Supervision allows an exchange between practicing professionals which enhances and informs personal and professional development and generates solutions to problems in practice.