Personal Details
Clinician Name Sara Hassan
Speciality Clinic Operations Manager and Mental Health Therapist (Adults)
Qualification MSc in Mental Health from Johns Hopkins University, USA
Language Services provided in Arabic and English


Ms. Sara Hassan obtained a Bachelors degree in Psychology from McMaster University, Canada, a Masters of Sciences in Mental Health from Johns Hopkins University, USA; and obtained extensive training in Family Behavior Therapy from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Ms. Sara Hassan formerly served as the Program Administrator of the Center for the Prevention of Youth Violence at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in the United States where she managed the center’s research and training. During that time, she wrote a book entitled Hands Off: Strategies to Combat Youth Violence highlighting topics such as bullying, gang violence, school violence, domestic violence and conflict resolution strategies with the intention of reducing violence among youth. Ms. Sara Hassan also served as a violence prevention consultant in Washington DC and worked as a mental health counselor in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ms. Sara Hassan has extensive research and practical experience in violence and bullying prevention which is one of her areas of interest and expertise.

Upon relocating to the Middle East, Ms. Sara Hassan worked in the private healthcare sector as a Counseling Psychologist and Consultant in Al Harub Medical Clinic and later Director of the Psychology and Wellbeing Department and Senior Counseling Psychologist at the Canadian Health Centre. Ms. Sara Hassan worked with a variety of nationalities and age groups, mainly adolescents and adults. She utilized her experience and skills to promote physical and psychological well-being in Muscat, Oman by raising awareness on various mental health topics through radio commitments; through serving as a columnist with a variety of local magazines and newspapers; and through her one-on-one work with clients. Ms. Sara Hassan’s multicultural upbringing has provided her with a profound level of cultural awareness, an invaluable asset to a multicultural group of clientele in the region. Ms. Sara Hassan’s main treatment modalities include CBT, ACT, EMDR, Interpersonal Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy. Ms. Sara Hassan is interested in preventative therapy and psychoeducation that aim to encourage everyone to utilize available mental health services for preventative measures just like visiting the dentist. Ms.Hassan recently joined Eunoia Clinic for a dual role: Clinic Operations Manager and Counseling Psychologist. Although her main responsibilities will be focused on clinic management and operations, Ms. Hassan will provide counseling services to clients assigned to her specific areas of expertise.