Personal Details
Clinician Name Qutouf Al-Kindi
Speciality Mental Health Clinician (Adults)
Qualification MSc in in Neuropsychology from the University of Bristol, UK
Language Services provided in Arabic and English


Qutouf is passionate about the human brain and its crucial translations of neural activity into actions and behaviors. She is an enthusiastic and ambitious individual who is willing to invest energy and effort to support and encourage individuals struggling with mental and neurological conditions. 

She is registered with the BPS and has completed her studies at prestigious universities in the United Kingdom. She obtained her BSc in Psychology from the University of Sheffield and then completed her Masters in Neuropsychology at the University of Bristol. 

The experience that Qutouf gained through her passion for scientific research and volunteering abroad enabled her to attain a plethora of transferable skills that are essential for clinical practice. Qutouf has previously worked and volunteered at SQUH, the University of Sheffield, SLV. Global, Recolo Ltd-UK in addition to other NPO locally and Globally. 

She is known for her empathetic personality and capability of establishing strong therapeutic and professional relationships with her clients. Qutouf has helped many clients overcome and manage their psychological distress and chronic conditions using different techniques including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Interpersonal and Social Rhythm Therapy (IPSRT) and support groups. Furthermore, she is trained in and administers psychological and neuropsychological assessments for children, adults and the elderly.