Personal Details
Clinician Name Abeer Al-Mujaini
Speciality Mental Health Clinician (Child and Adolescent)
Qualification MSc in Child and Young People Mental Health from the University of Edinburgh, UK
Language Services provided in Arabic and English


Abeer, a mental health clinician,  has completed a Bsc. Psychology from Heriot Watt University, UK and Msc in Child and Young People Mental Health from the University of Edinburgh. She has been working in the Pediatric Department in Sultan Qaboos University hospital for the past 5 years where she has worked extensively with children on the Autism spectrum along with a multidisciplinary team in which she had a role of assessment in intellectual functioning, parent training, family assessments and psychotherapy. She also worked along a diagnostic team aiding in the evaluation and diagnosis of neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders based on DSM-5.  Abeer has trained in the department of Behavioral Medicine at SQUH, working with adults and children in which she offered brief psychotherapy for adjustment disorder, ADHD, mood disorders. Her theoretical orientation is CBT based.

She is a co-founder and current president of the Psychology of Youth volunteering team (A 45+ member nonprofit group concerned with mental health established since 2017) in which she manages sustainable projects such as and that she and her group established with the hope to provide psychoeducation and evidence based tools for the general public in Oman. 

Abeer is passionate about research in psychology and is working on several research projects at a national level. Abeer is very versatile and skillful as has interests beyond psychology such as design, marketing and photography. She is a member of the Autism Association and Children First Association and a huge advocate of children rights and protection. Abeer believes in the importance of prevention measures in mental health and is always keen to build skills of resilience, psychological first aid, emotion regulation and wellbeing. She participates in various workshops and lectures in the community talking continuously about the importance of mental health.